About us

Sweetdeal ...it all started in 2005.

The start-up staffers were looking at an easy way to develop an on-line business without causing the online consumer major headaches . Internet sales were increasing rapidly and dot-coms were coming and going. Purchasing on line, security was becoming a big factor. The one thing that was observed was that customer support and service was also disappearing . It was getting harder and more difficult to talk to someone on the phone, missing out on the human touch!  No one cared about existing customers but was focusing only at the continuous influx of new customers. Shoppers were left in the cold with problems and no solutions or assistance. The human voice and empathy was lost.

Falling into this trap was not an option for Sweetdeal!
Every customer was important. “Focusing on Solutions” for our clients was a priority.

 Sweetdeal took  a fresh look at the  changing industry with the realization  that repeat business was also a very important factor to a successful website along with the new consumers. The customers who had a stake hold in our website remained loyal and kept adopting and repeating their shopping habits on a regular basis. Understanding this  Sweetdeal had to expand  to a more diversified inventory for their recurring customers. This is where our tag line” Something for everyone” came forth.

Sweetdeal makes it easy for brand-oriented, value-conscious consumers to find great value on the products they love. Every day we offer superior quality goods and top brands.
Sweetdeal brings its customers the very best in professional IT products, carrying solutions, electronics, hobbies, certified refurbished items and much more. We stand behind the quality, authenticity and value of all of our products.
Sweetdeal is dedicated to offering the best possible shopping experience available online. Our commitment to the customer’s experience begins with the web site and continues through with highly responsive customer service.

Customers continuously give Sweetdeal high marks in customer satisfaction and service.
The Sweetdeal management team has extensive expertise in merchandising, retailing, direct marketing and technology. Led by experienced buyers, together with strong supplier relationships and strict buying disciplines, Sweetdeal purchases high-quality goods at outstanding values.

Eleven years later we are proud to state we are still assisting and supporting repeat online buyers from 2005.
this why in 2017 we are refreshing our website and implementing a more diversified inventory than previously available.
Be sure to watch for our new product categories and the vast variety of  specialized items in the coming months.

Thank-You for visiting,
The Management.

7543 d’Iberville
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Canada, Quebec